Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comet Pan Starrs 3/12 [ Los Alivos ]

Great day of scenery & meeting various people.

Previous night & early morning..working on fine tuning telescope & cameras.  Had to go back in town to get food & water.  Arrived after sunrise, slept until 11am.  Mountain bikers came

Someone else followed & tipped me off on some blooming poppie flowers.  So, late afternoon I headed up the road & found it.  Spent some time photographing & taking in the breathtaking scenery

Got back to prepare for Comet Pan Starrs.  Most everything worked, various lenses (1000mm/8, 610mm/6, 400mm/4, 300mm/2.8, 200mm/2.8) worked.

 Below is time-lapse video from 200mm lens:

Click HERE for .mp4 video (iPod/iPhone/iPad/iTouch compatible), save to computer, drag/drop to iTunes, connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iTouch ("mobile media solution"), sync, show video to people ("masses") for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Outreach.

Or, goto "Space Outreach" video-blog & subscribe to "Space Outreach" iTunes video-podcast, to sync above video to iPod/iTouch/iPad/iPhone.

Was going to leave, but running late.  Have to stay another day, plus get supplies.

More photos at

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