Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/19 Comet Pan Starrs [ Kofa Nationa, Wildlife Refuge ]

unfortunately, clouded out

Spent day in Palm Canyon, amazing scenery:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/18 Comet Pan Starrs [ Kofa National WIldlife Refuge ]

unfortunately, clouded out.

Spent a good day doing photography from observation site:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/15 Comet Pan Starrs from Mojave National Preserve (Kelso Dunes)

Moved to Mojave National Preserve (Kelso Dunes) on March 14, after fixing equipment. (RA drive on mount damaged on March 13 Los Olivos) Met a PhD student from Germany, who attended the SPIE conference in San Diego (he was sightseeing afterwards, headed towards Las Vegas). Unfortunately, clouded out due to heavy clouds on western horizon.

March 15 didn't look good, lots of clouds during day. More clouds on western horizon. Luckily, there was clear sky near twilight.

Weakening high pressure, means clouds from NorthWest. Have to move east, & south. During day, had a fantastic day hiking up to summit of Kelso Dunes. Got some interesting photos (see above link).

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comet Pan Starrs 3/12 [ Los Alivos ]

Great day of scenery & meeting various people.

Previous night & early morning..working on fine tuning telescope & cameras.  Had to go back in town to get food & water.  Arrived after sunrise, slept until 11am.  Mountain bikers came

Someone else followed & tipped me off on some blooming poppie flowers.  So, late afternoon I headed up the road & found it.  Spent some time photographing & taking in the breathtaking scenery

Got back to prepare for Comet Pan Starrs.  Most everything worked, various lenses (1000mm/8, 610mm/6, 400mm/4, 300mm/2.8, 200mm/2.8) worked.

 Below is time-lapse video from 200mm lens:

Click HERE for .mp4 video (iPod/iPhone/iPad/iTouch compatible), save to computer, drag/drop to iTunes, connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iTouch ("mobile media solution"), sync, show video to people ("masses") for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Outreach.

Or, goto "Space Outreach" video-blog & subscribe to "Space Outreach" iTunes video-podcast, to sync above video to iPod/iTouch/iPad/iPhone.

Was going to leave, but running late.  Have to stay another day, plus get supplies.

More photos at

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/11 Comet Pan Starrs [ Los Alivos ]

Thanks to Martin Germano for scouting report (alternative site to Mt Pinos), near Mt Figueroa.  Ended up on a pullout above Los Alivos.  Drive thru Santa Barbara area was truly breathtakingly scenic.

Due to rush & cloud interference, wasn't able to get tracked narrow-angle shots (610mm/6, 400mm/4, 300mm/2.8)  Only got the above 200mm shot (pure luck)

Night incredibly quiet (no wind), very serene & peaceful.. Spent early evening doing some wide-angle astrophotos.  See above Orion above western horizon (note Jupiter near Hyades cluster)

Forgot a ton of stuff, including drinks & food! (only 1 quart of water & 6 bags of chips).  Will have to go back in town to get supplies