Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/11 Comet Pan Starrs [ Los Alivos ]

Thanks to Martin Germano for scouting report (alternative site to Mt Pinos), near Mt Figueroa.  Ended up on a pullout above Los Alivos.  Drive thru Santa Barbara area was truly breathtakingly scenic.

Due to rush & cloud interference, wasn't able to get tracked narrow-angle shots (610mm/6, 400mm/4, 300mm/2.8)  Only got the above 200mm shot (pure luck)

Night incredibly quiet (no wind), very serene & peaceful.. Spent early evening doing some wide-angle astrophotos.  See above Orion above western horizon (note Jupiter near Hyades cluster)

Forgot a ton of stuff, including drinks & food! (only 1 quart of water & 6 bags of chips).  Will have to go back in town to get supplies

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