Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comet Holmes [ Jamau, Baja/Mexico 11/13-14 ]

I'm blogging from Jamau (Baja Mexico) after a night-session photographing Comet Holmes.

[ I'm here for the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000, so I'm doing 2 things at once. Armin Schwarz (famous German rally-racer is racing. See here for LiveWebCast & iTunes video-podcast of the race ]

The photos are not showing the ion tail like last week. In the telescope eyepiece, the coma is very diffuse (more than last week).

610mm f6, 10m (ASA 1600) Canon 20D

450mm f4.5, 5 m (ASA 1600) Canon 20D

Nikokn 300mm/2.8, 4 min (ASA 800) Canon 20D

15mm/2.8 (4), 30s (ASA 1600) Canon 20D

610mm f6, 2 min (ASA 1600) Canon 20D


equipment pictures


Nature piccs

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jerry said...

You have heard someone was shot dirtriding last week at Jamau? Watch your back. The narcos only care about themselves. The rider's survival was miraculous considering the time it took to fly him to TJ.

I was going to ride the goat trail next week but due to my freinds lack of interest I will stay on the hwy. Catch me in San Felipe -Yellow Suzuki DRZ 400S- buy you a beer and tell me about your obsrvatory there. Jerry S (Don't shoot! I'm an EMT)